Barbecues with Oven

We have a huge range of Barbecues with oven with cement and refractory brick finish, guaranteeing the rigor and perfectionism of our finishes par excellence. All models supplied the oven included, being possible to choose the size of the oven. Availability of advice and manufacture of the barbecue model according to your space.

CHARACTERISTICS (applicable to all models presented):

Firewood & Charcoal

Concrete/cement and refractory brick

Concrete / Cement and refractory brick (ensuring high durability when subjected to high temperatures)

Length x Width x Height

Grill Dimensions
Length x Width

Oven Dimensions
80 cm x 80 cm
90 cm x 90 cm
100 cm x 100 cm
110 cm x 110 cm
120 cm x 120 cm
130 cm x 130 cm

140 cm x 140 cm
150 cm x 150 cm

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