Presentation of company

InovAlcoa presents itself as a company that aims to mark the difference in the market, based on quality, design and customization. Based on the values of innovation, quality and rigor, we execute all the different types of work-related with refractory materials for domestic use as well as the commercialization of all types of climatization systems for your home. Founded in 1996, based on the Churrasqueiras Bernardino, we cover several branches of activity, among which we highlight the civil construction, architecture, DIV and garden.

Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission is based on the production and commercialization of high-performance products, differentiated by the design and customization vectors. We idealize a future built on sustainable growth and based on the teamwork, business ethic, and social responsibility.



In our facilities, you will find a large variety of barbecues, fireplaces, tables, ovens and other related products. We also have a climatization space, where you can take a look at the trends and news in the market and ask for personalized advice and counseling. Customize your space with our products! 

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